Meeting points

For your convenience during your stay (and depending on the course allocation) you can choose the meeting point when booking: Drapeaux or Queyrelet.

  • Drapeaux: The "Drapeaux" snow front is the historical access to the Orcières-Merlette 1850 slopes, the Drouvet telemix and the Bergerie chairlift. It is ideally located in the centre of the resort, in front of the tourist office.
  • Queyrelet: The "Queyrelet" snow front allows easy access to the ski slopes and the Rocherousse telemix for the residences located on the east side of the resort. Connection with the "Les Drapeaux" snow front in 2 minutes on skis or 5 minutes walking.
IMPORTANT: The Piou Piou club is located 2 km from the resort centre. Access by shuttle bus (free). See the shuttle stops

Shuttle pick up map
An esf shuttle picks up children at different points in the resort to take them to the Piou Piou snow garden, a ski area dedicated to them.
Shuttle stops: Club du Soleil, Rochebrune, Panoramic, Plein Soleil, Horizon 1800, Cinéma POOM, Belambra, Chalet esf, Queyrelet.